Mello CBD gummies are the best of both worlds- CBD and delicious gummy all in one. Our CBD gummies come as sour gummy bears, peach rings, and sweet and sour kids. They are delicious while providing your daily dose of CBD! They are effective with reducing stress, relaxing the body, sleep, anxiety, and more!


CBD Infused Sweet & Sour Kids

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CBD Gummy Variety Box

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CBD Infused Peach Rings

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CBD Infused Sour Gummy Bears

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CBD Gummies for Sale

Mello CBD has created a line of CBD Edibles to ensure you get cbd gummies that taste amazing and work even better. With our conveniently packaged gummies, you can take it on the go and discreetly take your daily dose of CBD.


Our products are all Natural, US grown, THC free, Solvent free, and carefully formulated with a high quality CBD isolate. You can pick your choosing with flavors such as Peach Rings, Sour Gummy Bears, Sweet & Sour Kids, and more!


We provide sizes of 250MG, 500MG, and 1000MG that comes with 3rd party lab results to ensure every product is accurately dosed. You can buy cbd gummies from Mello CBD by picking out your desired flavor and strength and adding it to your cart. Be sure to contact Support for any questions!

Benefits of our CBD Gummies

Its time to enjoy the benefits of CBD with the convenience of our CBD isolate gummies. You can expect to notice the following benefits when you buy CBD gummies from Mello CBD.


-Reduce inflammation & Support a healthy immune system

-Provides Pain Relief

-Enjoy better Sleep

-Soothes Anxiety & Stress

-Non Psychoactive (CBD Isolate)

-And More!


We proudly boast the great taste of our CBD gummies & our pricing is the best in the market. Don’t believe us? Try out our 250MG package to give it a whirl and see what all the hype is about!

How to use our CBD Gummies

Mello CBD provides a convenient way to ingest CBD through our edible CBD gummies. Our dosing will vary from 8MG to 20MG of CBD per serving depending on which product you choose. We recommend starting out with 1-3 pieces to measure your preferred dosing. You will not absorb as much of the CBD from an edible gummy compared to taking it sublingually, so we recommend adjusting the dosing until you find your sweet spot. You can take CBD gummies throughout the day for stress, anxiety, or to promote calmness. You can also take it at night to promote deep sleep.

Can you overdose on CBD?

CBD is non-toxic and has very few known side-effects. CBD products have shown to deliver incredible health-related benefits & help many people who are looking for relief.

The question still remains, can you overdose on CBD? Fortunately, there are thousands of reports from people receiving the benefits of CBD with no known reports of lethal overdose from CBD.

You can also rest assure that CBD is non-addictive. CBD(cannabidiol) is one of many compounds known as cannabinoids. CBD does not contain any psychoactive properties, so you cannot get high from CBD. In fact, CBD has been shown to have anti-addictive properties and can help with tapering off from addictive substances.