Mello CBD topical ointment is perfect for muscle recovery, body pains, joint aches, and more! Our menthol CBD topical can be applied to troubled areas on your body and provides a nice cooling sensation upon application. Apply enough on focused areas so that the skin can fully absorb the CBD!


Topical CBD Ointment & Roll-On Bundle

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Topical CBD Ointment

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CBD Roll-On Muscle Gel

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What are the benefits of CBD Topicals?

There are a wide range of benefits associated with using a CBD Topical. Many cases have shown to help reduce pain and inflammation, soothe skin problems, help accelerate the healing of wounds, and even revitalize your skin. This can include alleviating arthritis pains and even sever skin problems such as psoriasis. Mello CBD provides a unique blend of cbd cream that penetrates deep to both the dermal and the subdermal layers of the skin. Our formula boasts a high quality cbd blend, aloe vera, and more to help maximize the benefits of CBD.

How to use a CBD Topical

Applying a CBD topical is as easy as it sounds. You will gently apply the cbd topical to the desired area and massage it into the skin. Mello CBD provides a high concentration of 600MG CBD to provide maximum benefits. You can apply our topical on a daily basis and multiple times a day if needed. CBD products require consistent use to maximize all the therapeutic benefits that come with it. There are no known side effects you have to worry about when using a CBD Topical and there is no limit on the usage. Be sure to store your topical in a dry and cool area in order to preserve the effectiveness.

Why buy CBD Topicals from Mello CBD?

With the rapid growth of the CBD industry comes many companies who ignore quality and push products without any concern for the consumer. We acknowledge this fact and have made it our mission to provide high quality CBD products for anyone seeking a reputable brand. We post all our 3rd party lab results to ensure everything is up to standard and accurately dosed.